Voucher T&Cs

1. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

The issue date will be written on the voucher. This will be on the back of the voucher along with the value of the voucher and is only valid for 12 months after the issue date.

2. Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.

We cannot replace a voucher if lost, stolen or destroyed to avoid potential voucher duplication.

3. Vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or other denominated vouchers.

Vouchers are not refundable items or exchangeable for cash or other denominated vouchers as they are only applicable to Element Seven projects.

4. Minimum spend required, dependent on the value of voucher.

Vouchers may be used for any Element Seven projects or services, whether this be for website design/development, social media campaigns, maintenance packages or hosting etc. However, a minimum spend is required depending on the value of the voucher.

  • Voucher value
    Minimum spend
  • £100
  • £250
  • £500

5. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any special promotions, discount tokens, coupons or cards.

We do not allow vouchers to be used in conjunction with any special promotions, discounted tokens, coupons, or cards to avoid stackable discount.

6. Vouchers cannot be sold to any third parties without our consent.

If you are wanting to sell to another person or company then we must be informed and give consent to ensure our vouchers are in trusted hands.

7. We reserve the right at all times to refuse use of a voucher.

We reserve the right at all times to refuse a voucher if we do not deem the project to be acceptable, for example an illegal, offensive or not a commercially viable project.