7 reasons why Social Media Marketing is vital in 2019

Social media has become one of the most effective forms of digital advertising in recent years. It provides a platform for businesses to advertise directly to their target audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.

Social media icons on a phone for marketing.

Improved brand awareness

With over 1 billion users per day on Facebook alone, it is easy to see how using social media properly can improve brand awareness. Having properly considered social media graphics and a solid content strategy will help your customers get a good idea about what your business does and how it operates.

First impressions are important and your social media pages are often the first impression people get. The next time they see your business they are already familiar with the brand and have more confidence in moving forward with a transaction or engagement. On top of all this, if people find your page interesting, they will share it with their connections, which amounts to free advertising for you!

Cost effective social media marketing


There is no doubt that social media is the most cost effective marketing platform there is. In comparison to traditional advertising it is a fraction of the cost. When you factor that everyone who sees your advert is someone that fits your customer profile, the chances of converting that person are much higher than someone driving past a billboard.

Allocating even a small percentage of your marketing budget to social media strategy, advertising and content generation provides an excellent return on investment. We have seen our clients make up to 2000% return on a single campaign, especially when paired with a good e-commerce website.

Improved customer reach with social media campaigns.

Improved reach

When was the last time you ran an ad in the newspaper? How many people read that newspaper? I can guarantee that no matter which paper it was, the reach is infinitely smaller than on social media. Your business has the potential to reach targeted people, that fit your customer profile all across the world.

Your local business suddenly has the power to trade internationally, but even at a local level the reach is so much better. All of those smart algorithms get put to work and make sure the right people see your posts. No matter if you are focused on local business or your ambition is to go global, social media is the right platform to use to tell people about your business.

Better customer engagement on social media platforms

Better Customer Engagement

People want to engage with your business online before they take the next step. You are more likely to receive a message on Facebook nowadays than you are a phone call. Instead of viewing this as another thing to worry about, see it as an opportunity to tell your customers what you do, what you’re selling and why they should contact you.

If you don’t have at least a Facebook page in 2019 then you are already well behind the curve. Not only do people expect your business to have social media pages, they get very frustrated when they don’t exist. This seriously damages your business’s legitimacy and reputation.

Increased website traffic.

Increased traffic

You can’t click a link in a magazine. If you want people to engage with your business online (and they want to), then you have to do online marketing. It is so much easier for people to visit your website or contact your if they are already using the device they want to use. One click and they can find visit your website on their phone, send you a message or call you.

With all that said, it is easy to see how social media increases your traffic. With direct links to your website a part of every successful social media strategy, it is inevitable that you will see improvements and real results, providing your web design is of a high standard.

Better SEO and improved Google search rankings

Enhanced SEO rankings

Although Google has said social media links don’t directly effect SEO, you would be surprised how much of an effect it has on your ranking indirectly. People often share links from social media on their blogs, of which there are over 1 billion worldwide. These bloggers have an audience that is very trusting and will visit any website they recommend. This directly improves your ranking due to a technology called Google RankBrain.

Google RankBrain understands the websites that people find interesting and identifies high quality websites with engaging content. If your social media strategy backs up your awesome website, then you are in for a win.

Understand your audience online

Understand your audience

Through A/B testing and Facebook Pixel metrics, you can see the actual results of an advertising campaign clearly and without bias. This can give you real information about who your customers are and what they are interested in. Obviously this is extremely valuable information and directly informs who you should target with your next campaign.

If you want to learn more about social media advertising or have any questions about how it can help your business, send us a message or give us a call for some no obligation advice.