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Specialists in cutting edge digital experiences.

Our approach to creating digital media is what sets us apart. We will help you form your digital strategy, from your website to social media and everything in between.

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The process

Let us show you how our process works and what you can expect to achieve.

Stage 1 - Planning

The initial stage is finding out not only what you want, but also what you need. Surprisingly these aren’t always the same thing! We will meet with you and do research of our own to gather as much information and as many ideas about what we are going to create as possible.

Stage 2 - Design

The design stage is crucial. This is where we go to pen and paper (or mouse and screen) to get creative with the ideas and features we discussed. We will consult you at this stage to make sure you are happy with the direction - any changes need to be made here to avoid extra costs during the build.

Stage 3 - Building

Probably the lengthiest stage of the project is the build. We will be coding the features and functions that you require, while also implementing the design seamlessly throughout. We’ll keep you involved as much as possible and keep you up to date with our progress.

Stage 4 - Testing

As with anything, there can be teething problems. Testing involves us taking your freshly built site through it’s paces, essentially trying to break it until we’re happy it cannot be broken. It will be tested across different devices, different browsers and on different internet speeds, to make sure it’s perfect.

Stage 5 - Delivery

Once we’re happy we will get started on handing over the website to you. It will be migrated from a development environment to a live environment and if you have a Content Management System included, we will create a user guide for you and any other relevant parties to easily get to grips with the site straight away.

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